D&D Basic Released by Wizards of the Coast

D&D Basic Rules CoverUnless you have been living under the gaming equivalent of a rock on Mars you would be aware that a new edition of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game is on the cusp of being released. Part of their development of this edition of the game has been the announcement that they will be releasing a basic version of the game for free as a downloadable PDF. Well, today they made good on their promise. Continue reading

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In an earlier post about my father’s 1st Edition house rules, I discussed modified XP tables and spell lists which were more… mathematically correct. Today you can download these genuine 1980s house rules for 1st Edition AD&D!

Dice of Doom – Revised ADnD 1st Edition XP and Spells – pdf

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Dice of Doom Podcast 045: Rules that enhance Roleplaying Games and Crafting “Who ‘dun it?” Mysteries

Dice of Doom Podcast LogoIn this carrot dangling episode we discuss rules mechanics and how they can be used to enhance roleplaying games. In particular we discuss how this is done in Rolemaster, Deadlands and Spirit of the Century. We also answer some listener questions, namely our thoughts on DnDNext, Palladium, and how to craft a classic “Who Dun It?” mystery in your games. All this, and a collection of stupid character names to boot! Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 044: Listener Questions, Gaming Lectern and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition

Dice of Doom Podcast LogoIn this, the first episode of the Dice of Doom podcast of 2014, we go through a massive back log of listener’s questions regarding various aspects of games, gaming and philosophy. We also discuss our thoughts on playing through the Temple of Elemental Evil campaign for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition.

Did you know you can suggest a podcast topic for us? Click this link and fill in the form. If we discuss your topic suggestion, you will receive a Gift Certificate of Experience!

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Rearranging Roleplaying Character Creation

victorian criminals scheming

Art by Symatt

Over the course of a half hour or so your friends gather at your house. Everyone sits themselves down at the dining room table, get out their dice, fix drinks and snacks. The chit-chat centres around what everyone has been doing at work, with their family, over the weekend. Slowly, after the last person blusters through the door, superfluously apologising for the family issues which have made him late, the talk comes around to the game. We’re starting a new one tonight – a game which the GM has had in mind for a few weeks or a few months. It’s going to be a short campaign. It might take around 5 to 8 sessions to run, depending on how many family issues take up your precious session time, depending on how focussed the party might be, how many jokes get said.

Everyone is excited to try out the game. It’s going to be a Heist game. The GM briefly explains to you the basic concept of the game. It’s 1879, you’re in London, and you’re all playing criminal types. You’re going to pull a heist. Okay, now to create characters…

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Including Roleplaying Characters in Large Scale Battles, Part II


Art by Symatt

As I mentioned in a previous article, I don’t find the usual combat mechanics as interesting in a large scale battle as in smaller engagements. The strength in RPG combat is its ability to describe a narrative. Your individual character cuts and thrusts, dodges, deals mighty blows to enemies and receives (and hopefully endures) mighty wounds. Magic coruscates across the battlefield, glinting off shining armour and glinting weapons. Blood of many colours runs and mingles in the trodden earth. The visceral experience of combat fills your imagined senses. In the best of circumstances you imagine it deeply, can almost sense the rush of battle as you sit in the relative comfort and safety of your own dining room, perched on the edge of your dining chair. What is most compelling about the experience, however, is not the description. It is the narrative. Hopefully you care about the fate of your character and the characters of your fellow players. Every time they encounter a foe their very existence is put at risk. Yet they pit themselves against the enemy. Each twist of fate, each hard won victory is another chapter in the ever evolving and unfolding tale you share with your fellow players. It is this which drives us as role players to keep gaming, keep playing, keep daring.

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Evading the Australia Tax: Buying Warhammer from the UK

Postage.optEver since Games Workshop cracked down on independent UK sellers shipping Warhammer products to Australia, I’ve been forced to get my models and books locally at a much increased cost. A few months ago, however, I found a company that can still ship UK products to Australia. And at good prices too. I tried out this company (to see if they were legit!), and what followed was an epic saga of cross-continental postage (with a happy ending)…

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A Modern Day 1st Edition AD&D Review

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition Players Handbook CoverOver the course of this year we have been playing through the classic AD&D campaign Temple of Elemental Evil, in all its original 1st Edition glory. We have just finished the first section of the campaign (T1). I’ll be writing about how the actual module plays out in the coming weeks. In this post, however, I was interested in having a look at how the 1st Edition AD&D rules hold up in 2013, 35 years since the first AD&D book was published.

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Repairing the Spine of your Broken Roleplaying Book

There’s a sad, sad experience that, alas, is all too familiar to gamers of any experience. Perhaps you’re at your regular game night. The lights are turned low, the story is flowing, everyone is having a good time. Around you is arrayed all the paraphernalia necessary to the pursuance of your hobby, carrying its own visceral appeal. The shine of your curiously coloured and patterned polyhedral dice. The stub of an old pencil clutched in your hand, poised to strike down the foes of your players, the stroke of its blunt graphite echoing the stroke of the character’s weapon. Snacks and drinks and character sheets litter the table, their shadows playing in the dim half light. Placing aside the graphite and wood arbiter of the destiny of NPC’s (Pencil of Doom +3 NPC bane) you pick up your rule book, briefly irked by a question from one of your players. It is pleasingly heavy, solid. Having seen heavy use it is somewhat worn on the edges, dented here and there where some angular object has been carelessly placed upon it. Perhaps there are stains on the cover, remnants of glorious late night game sessions of years gone past. You open the familiar cover, expecting the pleasing scent of a well used book

Flump. All the pages fall out.

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Experience Gift Certificates!

Certificate-of-experince-PreviewDon’t know what to get that special gamer in your life? How about some experience points for the one thing they love most in their life – their favourite roleplaying character!

Experience Gift Certificates are guaranteed1 to improve your character just that little extra bit. They will be stronger, more vicious in battle and, best of all, Charisma will no longer be their dump stat. Just present this certificate to your GM who is sure to agree with you that they are truly amazing and not at all annoying.2

Remember, Experience Gift Certificates are sold for entertainment purposes only. Your GM may or may not approve the use of them. If you do have trouble, just explain to them what they are for, and your GM, who already pretty super cool and awesome, is sure to allow you to use them.3

We said we’d do on our podcast, and now we have!4 Experience Gift Certificates are $1 on Drive Thru RPG. If you don’t want to tip us a dollar, don’t worry. We will be giving these out to people who give us suggestions for podcast topics that we discuss on our show. So if you think of some awesome idea for a topic for us to discuss, make sure you let us know!

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