Mindjolt games on Facebook – A Review

Those of you who are my Facebook friends would have noticed that everytime I play a game, a few of my so called friends (who I will feel free to insult here), make it their goal to play the same games and beat me. I naturally put this down to their jealousy of me and me trying to play using a touchpad instead of a mouse and not at all to my scores being REALLY bad. However this got me thinking about a quick review of some of my favorite Mindjolt games for Facebook.

The first thing to remember is that there seem to be only a few categories, and if you try one in that category, you have probably tried them all. For example, Ice Racer and Max Dirt bike are almost the same, just different scenery and vehicle. A horizontal, left to right scroll. You drive/ride up and down hills, over obstacles. It is simple but very addictive. I have seen 13 year olds play these games for hours.

Another popular category is the connect 3 objects of the same colour to make them disappear group. On Mindjolt these games are Combo Pop, staries, Summer couples or Spinner, where you swap pieces to join 3 together, Bomboozle, where you draw lines between the 3, or Marble shooter, where you fire coloured marbles to get three together. All very interesting, but only manage to hold my attention for a few minutes each. These are good in-between messages if you are chatting on Facebook chat.

Because of the clumsiness of my touch pad as opposed to a mouse, and because I am often doing other things while playing the game I try to avoid games which require quick movements, fast reactions or have a time limit. Games such as Blitzkrieg, Burst Cannon, and most racing games, such as the very enjoyable Rocket Racers, or shooters, such as the Sniper series fall into this group for me. There are also a few puzzle or strategy games which are both challenging and quick enough to be finished in between Facebook chats. My favourite is ConFusebox, but Bafflebees also looks good.

Lately the games I have played most though are Meltdown, CoBaColi, (both allow a bit of time to be distracted but take some thought), The Redneck Olympics (a little bit of a mix) and Five Bite, a game in which my top score is 97% (but a friend of mine later got 99.95% … bastard…).

Finally, Bloons and the classic Beer Golf are quite possibly the ultimate time wasters.

Naturally I have not tried all Mindjolt games on Facebook, these are just the ones I have been playing at the moment.

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