iPhone RPG dice roller ‘Pip’ reminds us simple is often better

A few days ago the developers of iPhone polyhedral dice rolling application ‘Pip’ (Mystery Coconut) sent me a request to look at their application and offer my thoughts. Well, we have had a play around with it and we have to say that we are quite enamoured with this new entry into the Dice Roller club. Their design philosophy is quite different from other iPhone Dice Rollers like Diceonomicon and MachDice – instead of trying to cram everything into one application, they have concentrated on keeping the whole thing simple.

What you won’t get is a log of dice rolls or a formula editor, a stack of different backgrounds or dice colours. Instead, they have concentrated on making a very realistic physics engine (comparable to MotionX) and beautiful graphics. The result is quite refreshing – it is really really really simple to use.

If you are not playing games using the FUDGE system of White Wolf system, this is probably the best dice roller for you. We found having to type in formulas to be a bit of distraction in the end, it proved much simpler to just roll the damn dice and not worry about it. Pip allows you to just add the dice you need and roll them – all you need in the majority of your games.

A few things we’d like to see in future versions include a way to re-roll the dice that doesn’t require us to shake the iPhone, and perhaps a selection of different dice skins. Overall though, a very polished app, and we feel, well worth the cost of purchase.


  • Full set of dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d10 (alt colour), d12, d20)
  • Multiple pages – save pre-set rolls
  • Hold dice to prevent re-rolling
  • Highly polished physics engine

Pip USD 2.99 | AUD 3.99 (iTunes Link)


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