Wolfenstein 3D on the iPhone

wolfenstein_3dAt long last Wolfenstein 3D, the classic first person shooter that helped define the genre (if not the industry), has been released for the iPhone. It’s all here, the cheesy sounds and music, the funny ‘Aiiieeee’ of the Nazi’s that you kill and the flat world that has no stairs. I spent far too much time playing this game, and I mean far too much time. In order to illustrate how much time I spent playing this game, as a right handed person, on a bet, completed the game left handed… Yes, that’s right, I had no life at university…

The game is the full 60 levels, and it is a complete port of the 1992 game. It has several control setups that I have been playing with, and for the most part, once you spend some time with them it is fairly easy to get around. Overall it is an excellent version of the game that will save you $10 off the price of the PC version on their website (honestly, who would pay $15 US for this?). Any fan of the original PC game should appreciate this.


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