Table of All D&D 4E Character Classes [Updated – Player’s Handbook 3]

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With the release of the D&D 4E Players Handbook II the number of character classes has doubled to 16. Now that all the classes are spread over two books, we thought that it might be easier to see what is available if it were included in a table view showing you power source, character role and reference page in the respective manual. Once content gets spread over two books, it is often a lot harder to get a real picture of what is available and hopefully this table will help.

Update: Inclusion of non-core classes from other source books due to popular demand…

Update: Inclusion of classes from the Player’s Handbook 3.

Class Power Source Role Reference
Ardent Psionic Leader PHBIII (22)
Avenger Divine Striker PHBII (32)
Barbarian Primal Striker PHBII (48)
Bard Arcane Leader PHBII (66)
Battlemind Psionic Defender PHBIII (42)
Cleric Divine Leader PHBI (60)
Druid Primal Controller PHBII (82)
Fighter Martial Defender PHBI (75)
Invoker Divine Controller PHBII (100)
Monk Psionic Striker PHBIII (62)
Paladin Divine Defender PHBI (89)
Psion Psionic Controller PHBIII (80)
Ranger Martial Striker PHBI (103)
Rogue Martial Striker PHBI (116)
Runepriest Divine Leader PHBIII (98)
Shaman Primal Leader PHBII (118)
Seeker Primal Controller PHBIII (116)
Sorcerer Arcane Striker PHBII (136)
Warden Primal Defender PHBII (152)
Warlock Arcane Striker PHBI (129)
Warlord Martial Leader PHBI (143)
Wizard Arcane Controller PHBI (156)
Non-core and entirely optional classes*…
Artificer Arcane Leader EPG (44)
Assassin Shadow Striker Dragon Magazine 379
Swordmage Arcane Defender FRPG (24)

* Non-core classes included here for the sake of completeness – consult your GM first before using…


PHBI – Player’s Handbook
PHBII – Player’s Handbook II
PHBIII – Player’s Handbook III
EPG – Eberron Player’s Guide
FRPG – Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide

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