Wizards of the Coast settle copyright infringement case

wotclogoBack in April this year, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) filed three copyright infringement cases against eight individuals for sharing a copy of the Player’s Handbook II on document sharing site Scribd. Yesterday the judge accepted a settlement with the second of the eight defendants. WotC are still seeking a default judgement against a third. The amount settled was $125,000 (in the previous case they had settled for $100,000). The other cases involve individuals in the Philippines and Poland.

According to the lawsuit, 2600 copies of the book were downloaded illegally with 4400 views online before it was removed by Scribd. The book normally retails for around $40.

Perhaps more interestingly, in the lawsuit WotC claims that the game has been played by 20 million people since 1974 with a current playing population of around 6 million players.

[via Yahoo Finance]


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