The Dice of Doom Roleplaying Game Campaign Hooks: 001

d20If you have ever run a roleplaying campaign, there’s a good chance you’ve found yourself in this situation. Just before the game starts you realise you have run out of ideas for plot hooks. As the start time gets closer and closer, the idea just doesn’t come… We thought we’d get together a handful of prompts for GM’s to use if they happen to find themselves in the same situation. 

As it is our first one of these, we are limiting ourselves to Fantasy Roleplaying Games and Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying Games. In future we are planning to diversify to include different settings.

Fantasy Roleplaying Games

  • A group of goblins strike a deal with the guild of merchants for the delivery of food for their tribe. The merchants renege on the deal (They’re just goblins, right?). This leads to raids on the town specifically targeted on the merchant district. Things get a bit hairy for the party as they are hired as protection by the merchants responsible for the deal in the first place…
  • All the children of the town have started disappearing. Desperate to find out what is happening, the town hires the party to solve the mystery. As the party start looking into it more closely they discover that maybe there never were any children to begin with. So who were the children running around in the first place?
  • The party is hired to escort a group of monks to an abandoned monastery to repopulate and reclaim. On arrival they discover <insert campaign appropriate monsters> have been using the monastery all along as a place of worship. They appear to be worshipping the same god/s and are even wearing the same ceremonial dress. On further investigation, the monks that hired the party may have known this all along…
  • As the party are exploring a dungeon, the roof collapses completely blocking off the passage in which they entered. The only way to escape will be to befriend the monsters they had come to kill and convince them to help them escape from their current predicament.

Cthulhu Horror Roleplaying

  • The party, whilst investigating a lead in a mine, get trapped when there is a cave-in. In exploring a large cavern at the back of the mine the party discover a shaft that doesn’t appear on the maps that they were given and which has signs of having been hidden previous to the cave-in. After clearing away the rubble, the air blows in, then sucks out in a rythmic fashion.
  • The party investigates a robbery with a strange twist. A jewelry store has been robbed, but only the cushions which held the display gems have been stolen. Upon investigation, the cushions were sold to the owner a few weeks ago in very suspicious circumstances and had led to unprecedented sales in the store prior to their theft.
  • A close relative of one of the party is taking part in a musical written by an up and coming composer. His eccentric performances have electrified audiences around Europe, and the show has just been brought to New York. Strange rumours of unusual behaviour at the European shows are starting to circulate, but at this stage it is only adding to the mystique of the composer. When the relative starts to behave strangely eating only raw meat and refusing to bathe or dress properly, the party is prompted to investigate.
  • A car pulls up next to the party as they are walking down the street. As the back window rolls down they are greeted by a majestic looking figure dressed in uncommonly rich and fashionable clothes. He leans out the window and asks the party where he might be. When the party answers with a place name he gets angry and asks “when?, what time?” When he hears the answer he thrusts open the door and steps out of the car. The moment his foot touches the ground he turns to dust instantly. When looking inside the car, there is a box sitting on the seat, and no sign of the driver.

We are planning to put these together every couple of weeks. If you would like to contribute ideas, please leave them in the comments below – I’m sure your fellow GM’s will appreciate it.

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RupertG has been playing roleplaying games ever since he discovered Dragon Warriors at the age of 12. Since those days he has played many different RPG's, collected not insignificant Dwarf and Tomb Kings armies for Warhammer Fantasy Battles and even worked as a games designer in the heady days of the late 90's building a CCG. Now he runs a gaming blog and is a participant in the Grand Gaming Experiment
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