Wizards of the Coast TV Spot for the D&D Essentials Red Box? [Updated]

D&D Red Box (Essentials)WotC is seems to be pulling no punches in getting the new D&D Red Box out there. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the release and it would appear that at least some of it is well justified. With the Red Box itself being more than just a tip of the hat to the old Basic Set the TV spot is a collection of the black and white line drawings that accompanied the original sets of D&D. Watching this brought back so many fond memories. I was hit with a genuine sense of  nostalgia – which is probably exactly the effect that they are going for with the entire Essentials series. The ad is well done, and not an embarrassment to gamers, which it so easily could have been. It also seems to prove that WotC have no qualms about any remaining Pat Pulling wannabes out there, which is a huge relief…

Update: There is some growing doubt about whether this is official or not. A few problems have been pointed out, namely, that this is an excerpt from an older video made in 2006 (although it has been cleaned up and redone to look more professional) and there is a distinct lack of any WotC logo or branding on it. The video is still completely awesome, and SHOULD be an ad spot for the game in our opinion, but in the end, it could have just been wishful thinking on our part.

Update 2: Apparently it’s an ad that is appearing on Hulu, which actually makes a bit more sense, so quite possibly still legit… 🙂

The full ad is embedded after the break.

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