Dice of Doom Podcast 010: Powergaming in Roleplaying Games

Dice of Doom PodcastThis episode we discuss our early forays into the exciting world of Rolemaster and we debate the merits of powergaming in roleplaying games. Ellisthion has made a number of posts on the topic (which you can find here) explaining how to get the most out of the rules for creating Dungeons & Dragons characters. The topic of powergaming is a contentious one, with even the term frequently having negative connotations. We look at both sides of the argument and see if there is a place for it in your everyday campaign.


About RupertG

RupertG has been playing roleplaying games ever since he discovered Dragon Warriors at the age of 12. Since those days he has played many different RPG's, collected not insignificant Dwarf and Tomb Kings armies for Warhammer Fantasy Battles and even worked as a games designer in the heady days of the late 90's building a CCG. Now he runs a gaming blog and is a participant in the Grand Gaming Experiment
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