Dice of Doom Podcast 038: 12 Games/12 Months Wrap Up, Lady Blackbird Review and Spicing up Character Generation

In this, the final podcast recorded in 2011 (don’t worry, we’ve started recording 2012 podcasts), we discuss the awesomeness of the 20th Anniversary Vampire: The Masquerade Ultimate Everything In It Leave Nothing Out 500 Bazillion Pages Edition*,  we review Lady Blackbird and answer a question from Symatt on ways to spice up character creation.

Running Sheet

*Not its official name…


All music provided by Rupert Goes Shopping.


About RupertG

RupertG has been playing roleplaying games ever since he discovered Dragon Warriors at the age of 12. Since those days he has played many different RPG's, collected not insignificant Dwarf and Tomb Kings armies for Warhammer Fantasy Battles and even worked as a games designer in the heady days of the late 90's building a CCG. Now he runs a gaming blog and is a participant in the Grand Gaming Experiment
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