Dice of Doom Podcast 041: The role of Source Books in your Campaign, Interview with Sam from Tw33t_RPG, Mouse Guard first impressions and introducing kids to RPGs

Dice of Doom Podcast LogoIn this fibre packed episode of the DoDCast (good for you in so many ways!) we talk to Paul about his recent foray into teaching his kids about roleplaying games. We also discuss the role of sourcebooks in your campaign – just how rigidly should you adhere to them in your game. Sam from Tw33t_RPG joins us for an interview on his upcoming tweet roleplaying game. And, as a bonus, we include our first impressions of the Mouse Guard RPG, just because we’re nice like that.

Running Sheet

  • [01:22] Introducing Kids to Roleplaying Games
  • [06:40] Allowing Creativity and Deviation from Source Books (thanks Dan O’Hanlan)
  • [17:19] Interview with Sam from Tw33t_RPG
  • [30:36] Mouse Guard first impressions


All music provided by Rupert Goes Shopping.


About RupertG

RupertG has been playing roleplaying games ever since he discovered Dragon Warriors at the age of 12. Since those days he has played many different RPG's, collected not insignificant Dwarf and Tomb Kings armies for Warhammer Fantasy Battles and even worked as a games designer in the heady days of the late 90's building a CCG. Now he runs a gaming blog and is a participant in the Grand Gaming Experiment
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