[Modern] Budget Boros (~$40 Magic: the Gathering deck)

SilenceWoah, there, wooooooah. Slow down. That’s better. Much better.

Lately, I’ve been playing against a lot of fairly quick decks filled with enchantments/instants/sorceries and getting swarmed with 4/4 angels (Luminarch Ascension). While I would normally just exile or destroy the enchantment, they protect them with shroud (Greater Auramancy) – making it impossible to target or remove the spell. How, then can I slow my opponent down enough to get fatal damage through? By slowing down their spellcasting! I’ve chosen to use Boros for this, rather than a Blue/Red counterspell/control/burn theme.

Slowing down your opponents

Silence – prevents a player from casting any spells until end of turn
Curse of Exhaustion – prevents a player from casting more than one spell per turn
Aurelia’s Fury – prevents players from casting noncreature spells until end of turn
Grand Abolisher – prevents players from casting spells during your turn

Controlling the board

Desolation Giant – this creature will destroy all other creatures if you pay a little extra mana to cast it

Ramping mana

Generator Servant – sacrifice this to add two colorless mana

Doing damage

Aurelia’s Fury – deals direct damage
Assemble the Legion – pumps out lots and lots of tokens
Tajic, Blade of the Legion – becomes a big fatty when you attack with 2 other creatures
Figure of Destiny – becomes a big fatty over time
Brion Stoutarm – fling big fatties to do direct damage


In your opening hand you’ll want some ramp and mana because it’s important to get the token generator out as soon as possible. In addition, Silence would be marvellous.

Because Silence is cast at instant speed, you can prevent an opponent from casting any dangerous spells (such as Luminarch Ascension) as soon as you see them. Curse of Exhaustion will prevent the opponent from playing more than one spell per turn. You can cast Silence after turn 1 because it only costs 1 mana. Curse of Exhaustion is castable on turn 3 if you can get a Generator Servant on to the board. That being said, I think it’s more important to get your own token generator on the board as fast as possible (turn 3 with Generator Servant). These tokens have haste, so they can attack straight away if necessary.


Slowing down the opponent is important as your tokens ramp up in numbers – Tajic, Blade of the Legion benefits from attacking with 2 or more other creatures and gets a +5/+5 bonus when this happens. You should be ramping up Figure of Destiny to its ultimate form, an 8/8 flying, first strike fatty. Grand Abolisher will help keep your creatures alive during your turn by preventing the opponent from casting. If you choose to sideboard out Grand Abolisher, then Emblem of the Warmind will give all your creatures haste for the same converted mana cost.

Late-Game and win conditions

Brion Stoutarm can fling your fatties at an opponent to cause direct damage. You can, for example, swing at the opponent with 2 tokens and Tajic, then fling Tajic for a further 7 damage. You can also do this with Figure of Destiny for a further 8 damage. Use Aurelia’s Fury once you have sufficient mana for a finishing blow. The nice thing with this is that they cannot cast noncreature spells after you cast it (if they let it resolve, that is). An alternate winning condition is to drop Desolation Giant for its extra cost and destroy all creatures (except Tajic, who’s indestructible), then attack with your army of tokens next turn.  If you have 8 counters on Assemble the legion, you’ll be attacking with Desolation Giant (3 damage), 8 tokens (8 damage) and Tajic (7 damage) for a total of 18 damage.

Budget Boros Deck

Spells (16)
Aurelia’s Fury
Curse of Exhaustion
Assemble the Legion

Creatures (22)
Grand Abolisher
Generator Servant
Desolation Giant
Tajic, Blade of the Legion
Figure of Destiny
Brion Stoutarm
Lands (22)
Boros Garrison
Boros Guildgate

Sideboard (2)
Emblem of the Warmind

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