Wiz Dice 100+ Polyhedral Roleplaying Dice Pack Review

dice_squareThe Wiz Dice 100+ Pack of assorted polyhedral roleplaying dice seems like pretty good deal on face value. But how does the set compare to alternatives like Chessex Pound-o-Dice? We bought a pack to find out…

Okay, so I already have a lot of dice, but I needed more, y’know? Normally we’ve used Chessex dice, which, whilst very good, are kinda expensive. We’ve purchased the Chessex Pound-O-Dice before, and whilst you get a lot of dice, they are factory seconds and amongst the good dice you get… well you get some weird stuff, okay? Like, we got this little d6 with a piece of corn in it. And not all the dice you get are usable.

I heard about Wiz Dice as alternative which is cheaper and offers a guarantee of usable dice in a good distribution. They seem to sell primarily via Amazon: Wiz Dice on Amazon ($19.99).



First impressions were pretty good. Lots of nice-looking colours, everything seemed to have the correct markings. There was no corn. There were seven full sets, which was very nice, and most were very readable (main notable exception is the white ones with gold numbering). There’s also a little Cloth Dice Bag of Brand Advertising.



The quality varies a bit. The blue d20 has a nice sparkly pattern, but the transparent ones all look a bit too cloudy, and the cloudiness varies considerably amongst dice in the same set.


The d10s confused me. They’re flatter and with bigger numbering than what I’m used to. I’m scared. I’m also not a big fan of the garish red.


There was a special set of fancier dice which came inside the dice bag. The pattern is much more elaborate than the other dice, they’re quite nice. The dice bag is actually not bad, but it only really fits a single set.

The Good

  • Lots of dice
  • Good price
  • All dice are usable
  • Most dice are very readable

The Bad

  • The quality varies a bit
  • Except for the single special set, the patterns are quite plain

Verdict: Wiz Dice are a good option if you just need dice in bulk and don’t need them to be super-pretty.


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Ellisthion is currently loving 5E D&D, whilst still running the original 1st Ed AD&D Temple of Elemental Evil. He's also spending way too much time playing Dota 2.
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  • http://www.Technolich.com/ Vikshade

    These look good. A friend picked up a pound of dice from chessex and frankly I was not impressed. This looks like as good of or even a better option to me (except for the sideways d%).

    • http://diceofdoom.com RupertG

      The Chessex pound-o-dice set is just made up of the dice that didn’t meet quality control for their main lines. As such, it is always a mixed bag (‘scuse the pun). They really can be terrible in some cases.

      On the flip side, you don’t know what you’re getting, often they are hilariously bad, and it can be a huge laugh finding truly odd and weird dice in your collection (like the corn die in the example above which appeared in my wife’s last set). We get them for amusement value, not quality.

      If you want consistently good quality dice in bulk, there are much better (albeit more boring) options available to you.