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Cuchulain (otherwise known as Paul) has been playing roleplaying games since he was 10 years old. Although he'll play any game under the sun, he prefers characterisation and plot over tactics and mechanics. He is never happier than when playing in or mastering a horror campaign - preferably with heavy Cthulhu Mythos overtones or theme.

Roleplaying Character Weakness and Vulnerability

I have played a huge number of characters. Most of them are insanely powerful, or are on a journey which leads hem to power. And if you asked me to name or describe 5 of them I think I would be hard pressed to pry them out of the old memory banks. For the most part I would be reduced to speculating whether I was playing a wizard or a rogue, or some other equally broad epithet. The ones, however, which stick out in my mind all share the one thing: each of them had a weakness. Continue reading

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Adding a bit of Culture to your Roleplaying Campaign

Hang on – there’s something funny about that clan of orcs. What is it… I just can’t put my finger on it…. Oh yeah – how come there weren’t any girl orcs (orcettes?) in there? Speaking of which, there weren’t any child orcs either. Now we’re talking about age, how come we never saw a geriatric Orc? Surely at least some of them live to old age – unless its true what they say about them and they eat the old. That still doesn’t account for the lack of kids, though. Continue reading

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Hit Points

On occasion I like to put aside the personal motivation for subtle nuance and replace it with the desire to thump the other guy (monster, alien, beasty). But I always come across one little bugbear with these systems and it has been a staple of nearly all roleplaying systems since their inception. I am speaking, of course, of Hit Points. Continue reading

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8 Ways to Start a Campaign in a Tavern

Adventure time! Gather your character sheets! Pull up your chairs! Pencils and dice at the ready! And what better place to start a campaign than in a tavern. The ol’ faithful, the most traditional way to start a campaign. We’ve previously written how you might avoid this trope, but why not embrace it? Continue reading

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Rearranging Roleplaying Character Creation

In this post we look at an alternate method of creating roleplaying characters to help every player have more investment in the campaign. Continue reading

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Including Roleplaying Characters in Large Scale Battles, Part II

As I mentioned in a previous article, I don’t find the usual combat mechanics as interesting in a large scale battle as in smaller engagements. The strength in RPG combat is its ability to describe a narrative. Your individual character … Continue reading

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Repairing the Spine of your Broken Roleplaying Book

Our guide to repairing the spines of broken roleplaying books. How do you re-attach the cover to a book that has lost all its pages? Continue reading

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Guide to Running a Zombie Apocalypse Horror Roleplaying Game

Our guide to running a zombie apocalypse horror roleplaying game. Continue reading

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Including Roleplaying Characters in Large Battles

In this article we explore a couple of possibilities of how you might run an epic conflict or battle with your players and maintain the interest of being personally involved in the success (or otherwise) of the effort. Continue reading

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Classic B-Horror Movie Roleplaying Module based on White Zombie

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series 1930s Horror Roleplaying Game

Now that we have written our 1930s horror roleplaying game, let’s create a module based on the classic horror movie White Zombie. Continue reading

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