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RupertG has been playing roleplaying games ever since he discovered Dragon Warriors at the age of 12. Since those days he has played many different RPG's, collected not insignificant Dwarf and Tomb Kings armies for Warhammer Fantasy Battles and even worked as a games designer in the heady days of the late 90's building a CCG. Now he runs a gaming blog and is a participant in the Grand Gaming Experiment

Dice of Doom Podcast 043: Rogue Trader Review, Pandemic and Splitting the Party

In this episode of the Dice of Doom Podcast we discuss our first impressions of the roleplaying game Rogue Trader, the board game Pandemic and our thoughts on Splitting the Party. Continue reading

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Going Retro: The Temple of Elemental Evil, First Edition AD&D

Written by the man himself, Gary Gygax, it has befuddled, confounded, frustrated and killed more PCs than almost any other printed campaign. On top of all of that, it was originally written for the RPG that brought it all together. So, sometime this year, we’re going to play The Temple of Elemental Evil using the AD&D 1e rules… Continue reading

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Game suggestions for our 2013 Gaming Calendar

Once again we are looking at a blank calendar with lots and lots of empty gaming slots to fill. About this time every year we ask our readers (and listeners) to recommend games that they think we should play. These … Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 042: What should be in the Roleplaying Classic Collection?

For this episode we have only asked ourselves one question. And then we talk non-stop for around 45 minutes on it. No really. We just found it that interesting. The question you ask? If you were Professor of Roleplaying Games at some awesome university that had an RPG Dept, what would be the core reading texts? What would make up the Roleplaying Game Canon, so to speak. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 041: The role of Source Books in your Campaign, Interview with Sam from Tw33t_RPG, Mouse Guard first impressions and introducing kids to RPGs

In this fibre packed episode of the DoDCast (good for you in so many ways!) we talk to Paul about his recent foray into teaching his kids about roleplaying games. We also discuss the role of sourcebooks in your campaign – just how rigidly should you adhere to them in your game. Sam from Tw33t_RPG joins us for an interview on his upcoming tweet roleplaying game. And, as a bonus, we include our first impressions of the Mouse Guard RPG, just because we’re nice like that. Continue reading

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Scott is one of our favourite gaming personalities, and while he can be guilty of the occasional rant, it is usually well thought out and pretty smart. He has a tendency to be insightful about what is going on in the industry and community at large. So when we were chatting the other day about his annoyance with the gaming community as a whole, I sat up to listen. I too have grown a little frustrated with some of the commentary that exists and the way that some topics are treated. Scott appears to feel the same way.
Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 040: Mutants & Masterminds, Shadowrun and Resetting a GM

In this podcast we review Mutants & Masterminds, Shadowrun, D&D Boardgame Wrath of Ashardalon and look at ways to reset a GM. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 039: Goblins!, Fabled Lands, Mutants & Masterminds, and Using Skill Checks on PCs

In this episode we discuss our upcoming RPG Goblins!, review Fabled Lands, look at Mutants & Masterminds, and ask “Can you use skills on PCs?”. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 038: 12 Games/12 Months Wrap Up, Lady Blackbird Review and Spicing up Character Generation

In this episode we discuss our experiences of the 12 Games/12 Months Gaming Experiment, review Lady Blackbird and discuss ways to spice up character generation. Continue reading

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Another awesome occasion

This weekend a wonderful event occurred. In front of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Ellisthion (also known as Duncan) finally got married to Michelle. We say finally as it has been quite the journey for the two of them involving government bureaucracies, international conspiracies, ninjas and pirates (actually, I’m lying about the last two…). Continue reading

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