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The most epic way to track tasks ever: Epic Win

We all have humdrum and boring things that we have to do each day. Now imagine that there is a task manager that is a roleplaying game as well. Imagine that each task you complete gives your character experience and allows them to journey on quests. Imagine that there are loot drops for completing tasks. Put that all together and you have Epic Win… Continue reading

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DOOM Classic now available in the App Store for the iPhone

DOOM is one of those games that helped to define a genre. From running around with a myriad of realistic and ridiculous weaponry, to the blood and gore, and even the occasionally questionable imagery, DOOM helped define the First Person … Continue reading

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Finally, an iPhone app for keeping your D&D characters on: i4e

It is very likely that if you are an iPhone owner and a D&D player there is one app that you have been longing for ever since you picked up the device from the store – a native application to … Continue reading

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Game of da Dead – A simple and very playable zombie Tower Defence

Always keen to give a zombie game a go, we were excited to try out Game of da Dead by Moyo studios in Sweden. The premise is fairly straight forward – planets are being taken over by zombies and you … Continue reading

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List of the Best 8 iPhone RPG Dice Rolling Apps

We have covered a lot of different dice rolling applications for role-playing games that are available in Apple’s App Store on this site. Over the past year that the app store has been around, these apps have started to fall … Continue reading

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Unbelievably sucky state of iPhone Dice Rollers

Update: The situation has improved immensely since this post was written. While I don’t think that dice rollers on your phone will ever replace the tactile awesomeness of rolling a handful of dice, I have investigated the growing number of … Continue reading

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