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You gotta have faith…

When I started creating my first character for Dungeons & Dragons I quickly settled on a dwarven fighter. For some reason dwarves were my favourite, images of warhammers, armour and quaffing copious amounts of ale just seemed right up my … Continue reading

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Roleplaying Character Weakness and Vulnerability

I have played a huge number of characters. Most of them are insanely powerful, or are on a journey which leads hem to power. And if you asked me to name or describe 5 of them I think I would be hard pressed to pry them out of the old memory banks. For the most part I would be reduced to speculating whether I was playing a wizard or a rogue, or some other equally broad epithet. The ones, however, which stick out in my mind all share the one thing: each of them had a weakness. Continue reading

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Rearranging Roleplaying Character Creation

In this post we look at an alternate method of creating roleplaying characters to help every player have more investment in the campaign. Continue reading

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