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Hit Points

On occasion I like to put aside the personal motivation for subtle nuance and replace it with the desire to thump the other guy (monster, alien, beasty). But I always come across one little bugbear with these systems and it has been a staple of nearly all roleplaying systems since their inception. I am speaking, of course, of Hit Points. Continue reading

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Understanding the Maths behind D&D4E Combat

Is there something wrong with 4E maths? Some say using 3d6 instead of a d20 improves the system. Should we get inspiration for changing the rules from computer games like World of Warcraft? Continue reading

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Speeding up D&D 4E Combat: Morale

A large problem many groups have with 4E D&D is that 4E combat takes a very long time. Various methods have been proposed to fix this, such as reducing monster hp, but after some discussion we realised the best way of doing it is simply to revive the Morale system, used in 1st and 2nd Edition, but thrown out in 3rd. The problem with these systems is, like the whole editions themselves, they were overly complicated; I’ve seen an attempt at adding Morale to 4E that mostly just put the 2nd Ed system in… and it looked terrible. So, we decided to do it from the ground up: a complete, effective, and simple Morale system for 4E D&D. Continue reading

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The Physics of Space Combat

If you have ever watched a Space Combat and thought to yourself – ‘that’s complete rubbish, it’d never be like that’ – the chances are that you were probably right. One thing Hollywood has never really let get much in … Continue reading

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