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Dice of Doom Podcast 012: Speeding up D&D4e Combat Using Morale, Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Saga Edition) review and Minecraft vs Dwarf Fortress

In this interesting and exciting (and completely ‘yorp’ free) episode of the podcast we debate the virtues of Mincecraft vs Dwarf Fortress, we look at Speeding up D&D4e Combat by using Morale and we review the Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Saga Edition. Continue reading

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Dwarf Fortress v.0.31.10 – Strike the Earth!

A major update has recently been released to Dwarf Fortress which has altered the game significantly. So what changes have been brought to the table? Here’s a list… Continue reading

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Boatmurdered – Dwarf Fortress Succession Game

Of all the wonderful things you can do in Dwarf Fortress, one of the glaring omissions is the lack of a multi-player mode. Fortunately, the rabid Dwarf Fortress community has thought of a great way around this – the Succession … Continue reading

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Construct Your Own Dwarf Fortress!

If you liked Moria, if you’ve ever enjoyed a Rogue-like game but were perhaps disappointed by the repetitious nature of the game and the limited gameplay, then chances are Dwarf Fortress is for you. This game – created single-handedly over … Continue reading

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