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Equality in D&D

A female fighter, a tiefling rogue, and a dragonborn walk into a bar. Nobody blinks an eye, and the bartender calmly serves the full-plate-armoured girl, the dude with a tail, and the walking talking lizard. Why? Because in D&D, they’re … Continue reading

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Roleplaying Evil Characters

In our new D&D 5e campaign I have been playing a character named Hamilcar the Unintended, a Warlock. Now, it wasn’t really necessary for me to choose to be evil – one could always choose to be tied to a Fey creature, or one could postulate that, while you have an unbreakable bond with a creature of evil, you do not share its aims – however, in our circumstance, we thought it would be interesting to choose evil as an alignment. Continue reading

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Monster of the Week: Aboleth

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Aboleths are large and intelligent marine creatures not to be confused with an Axolotl, another strange fishy creature also starting with ‘A’. However, rather than having legs, an Aboleth has psionic powers and another nasty stuff. They look something like … Continue reading

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