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Review: Fabled Lands Role Playing Game

As part of our continuing effort to play every roleplaying game ever, we played the new(ish) Fabled Lands Role Playing Game, based on the excellent Fabled Lands gamebooks. This RPG was designed to bring the world of the Fabled Lands to the roleplaying table, whilst keeping the rules simple and close to the original gamebooks. In this review I will discuss our experiences with the game, and, because I can’t help myself, reminisce about the choose your own adventure gamebooks. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 039: Goblins!, Fabled Lands, Mutants & Masterminds, and Using Skill Checks on PCs

In this episode we discuss our upcoming RPG Goblins!, review Fabled Lands, look at Mutants & Masterminds, and ask “Can you use skills on PCs?”. Continue reading

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iPad review: Fabled Lands HD

The developers have delivered a sleek, stream-lined adventure, based on the first of six published Fabled Lands gamebooks, although some lingering issues persist. Continue reading

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Fabled Lands Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Books Republished, an iPad Game, and an RPG

The excellent Fabled Lands gamebook series is being revived, with the books being republished, an iPad version and an RPG in development. Continue reading

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Fabled Lands: a great solo roleplaying adventure

Remember those choose your own adventure books from your childhood? Well imagine that gameplay with some RPG character development, an inventory system, dice-based skill checks and an entire world to explore and quest throughout — awesome! Well I’ve just described … Continue reading

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