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Creating a sense of Immersion in Roleplaying Games

We have previously talked about using all the major senses in your roleplaying game – that is, referring to the sounds, smells, describing the way something feels etc. in order to expand the impact of your narrative and pull your … Continue reading

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Running a Roleplaying Game at Work

I’ve been talked into running roleplaying games at work. It is a very different type of gaming environment to what I’m used to. I’ve learnt a lot about how to change the usual RPG experience to suit a more corporate environment. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 030: Dealing with a bad GM, running short and long term games and tabletop accessories

In this action packed episode of the podcast we discuss ways in which to deal with a bad GM (mostly by talking about what NOT to do…), the differences we’ve experienced in running short term games as part of our gaming experiment vs the normal long term games that are usually played and we answer questions about gaming accessories and dice from Donny on our Facebook page and Symatt on Twitter. Continue reading

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