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Dice of Doom Podcast 026: Rating the First Six Games and Creating Meaningful Character Motivations

This episode we discuss our ratings of the first six games of the Grand Gaming Experiment and we look at creating meaningful character motivations and backgrounds. Continue reading

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Wizards of the Coast have finally gotten around to releasing rules for using vehicles in Gamma World. It’s available as an 8 page PDF. If you’d like to read the full release notes, you can find them here. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 016: All Flesh Must Be Eaten First Impressions and Gamma World Review

In this episode of the podcast we lament the pulling of the Mountains of Madness movie, we discuss the Play a New RPG Month project, we give a brief update on our game Goblins!, we discuss our initial impressions of the zombie horror survivor game All Flesh Must Be Eaten and we review Gamma World. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 015: Play a New RPG Month, Gamma World Initial Impressions & Using All 5 Senses in GM’ing

This week we discuss our new project Play A New RPG Month, our initial impressions of Gamma World and Using All Five Senses in GM’ing. Continue reading

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Our grand gaming experiment – 12 Months, 12 Games, 6 Games Masters

The Dice of Doom roleplaying group is conducting an experiment where they will cover 12 games in 12 months using a total of 6 Games Masters. Suggestions are very welcome for games to try. Continue reading

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