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8 Ways to Start a Campaign in a Tavern

Adventure time! Gather your character sheets! Pull up your chairs! Pencils and dice at the ready! And what better place to start a campaign than in a tavern. The ol’ faithful, the most traditional way to start a campaign. We’ve previously written how you might avoid this trope, but why not embrace it? Continue reading

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For those of you interested in reading through the rambling thoughts of one of the world’s greatest horror writers, we direct your attention to HP Lovecraft’s Commonplace book. Wired have published excerpts from around 15 years worth of ideas, thoughts, and potential story lines from the venerable writer. They make for an enlightening read, not in the least as potential plot hooks for your own Call of Cthulhu campaign. Continue reading

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The Dice of Doom Roleplaying Game Campaign Hooks: 002

Once again we bring you a collection of story and plot hooks to help out when running your roleplaying games. This week we focus on fantasy roleplaying games. Continue reading

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