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If you haven’t seen it, the mad buggers over at BrickWorld 2011 decided to build all the major scenes from Lord of the Rings using nothing but lego. It’s all there, Isengard with the Tower of Orthanc, The Golden Hall of Edoras, Rivendell, and the Mines of Moria. The most spectacular building is Minas Tirith – complete with literal hordes of minifigures attacking it. You can see the whole thing with an explanation of the build, at MOCpages. Continue reading

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Using Lego in Roleplaying Games

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been using Lego more and more in my D&D and Star Wars Saga Edition games, with startling and excellent results. Continue reading

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Is this the best lego model ever?

I don’t really know what to say… It is a truly magnificant piece of lego engineering. The Lego Terminator is apparently part of a project to build movie themed lego constructs. The best part about it is that it talks! … Continue reading

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Lego + Metallica

Came across a post on Wired today about Metallica’s u-turn embrace of the internet (probably because of the shining success Radiohead and NIN have had) and their new YouTube channel for fans. Contained in this post is a fantastic stop-time … Continue reading

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Lego Awesomeness 003 – The Beijing Olympics… in Lego

There are few things more outstanding than huge Lego constructs – and this one is an absolute doozy. A group in Hong Kong going by the name The Hong Kong User Group has built a faithful reproduction of the venues … Continue reading

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Lego Awesomeness 002 – Gaming Props

When you are in a tight pinch for a monster model, Lego, once again, can come to the rescue. In our recent campaign run by Ellisthion we encountered a Fire Elemental. Of course, Ellisthion didn’t have a model for it. … Continue reading

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Lego Awesomeness 001

Lego is automatically awesome. It is Danish, and as such, it is, without question, immediately the best. No, I am not biased… bite me. This case mod, while not being a new idea, is an excellent implementation of a classic … Continue reading

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