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Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS Review

The port of Minecraft to iOS has been a long and uncomfortable wait for many. Despite an original announcement stating that iOS was going to be first off the rank, Android pipped iDevices to the post when Minecraft Pocket Edition was announced for the Xperia Play. Thankfully, for those of you with an iOS enabled device, the wait is over and you can now enjoy the fruits of Mojang’s labour in the form of a much cutdown version of everyone’s favourite sandboxed game. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 012: Speeding up D&D4e Combat Using Morale, Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Saga Edition) review and Minecraft vs Dwarf Fortress

In this interesting and exciting (and completely ‘yorp’ free) episode of the podcast we debate the virtues of Mincecraft vs Dwarf Fortress, we look at Speeding up D&D4e Combat by using Morale and we review the Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Saga Edition. Continue reading

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iPhone app review: MineCraft Pro

The success of Minecraft has led to lots of iPhone apps trying to play on this success. MineCraft Pro is one of these… and unlike some of the other apps, it costs money. So naturally, I was extremely dubious about it. While it’s a reference app designed to be used whilst you play Minecraft on your computer the question remains: “Is it worth the price tag?”. Continue reading

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