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Wiz Dice 100+ Polyhedral Roleplaying Dice Pack Review

The Wiz Dice 100+ Pack of assorted polyhedral roleplaying dice seems like pretty good deal on face value. But how does the set compare to alternatives like Chessex Pound-o-Dice? We bought a pack to find out… Continue reading

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D&D 5E Dungeonscape Beta: First Impressions

Dungeonscape, the official 5th Edition D&D electronic tools, opened up betas yesterday, and we’re in! We had a look around and see whether it’s really going to live up to our expectations. The following are our thoughts on what is very beta software. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 040: Mutants & Masterminds, Shadowrun and Resetting a GM

In this podcast we review Mutants & Masterminds, Shadowrun, D&D Boardgame Wrath of Ashardalon and look at ways to reset a GM. Continue reading

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Review: Fabled Lands Role Playing Game

As part of our continuing effort to play every roleplaying game ever, we played the new(ish) Fabled Lands Role Playing Game, based on the excellent Fabled Lands gamebooks. This RPG was designed to bring the world of the Fabled Lands to the roleplaying table, whilst keeping the rules simple and close to the original gamebooks. In this review I will discuss our experiences with the game, and, because I can’t help myself, reminisce about the choose your own adventure gamebooks. Continue reading

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iPhone Game Review: Undercroft

Released in September 2010, Undercroft is the fourth iPhone game released by the hugely successful Jagex Games Studio, most famous for its free-to-play MMO Runescape. Jagex is not unfamiliar with the creation of RPGs. However, if you are expecting the same richness of experience from Undercroft, you will be disappointed. This is not to suggest that the game is in any way deficient – only that one cannot hope for the same level of detail in an iPhone game that one might expect from a massively multiplayer online game. Continue reading

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A Game of Thrones Roleplaying Game: A Mini Review

This week HBO screened the initial episode of it’s much anticipated series, A Game of Thrones. The show is based on the book of the same name by George R. R. Martin and is the first novel in the acclaimed series, “A Song of Ice and Fire”. The preview released by HBO (embedded below) looks amazing. Seeing as A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying (which henceforth will be referred to as SIFRP) has been on the “maybe” list for our gaming experiment, and to celebrate the new series, it seemed like a good idea to do a mini review of the game and maybe inspire a few groups to get involved in a little bit of intrigue in the land of Westeros themselves. Continue reading

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Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying Game Review

Rolemaster is a traditional fastasy roleplaying system, with tolkien style elves, dwarves, hobbits (I mean halflings), orcs etc. along with the usual selection of classes; fighters, thieves, wizards, healers, rangers, alchemists, martial artists and bards to name a few. It is high fantasy, with powerful magics, heroic characters doing amazing things yet somehow manages to also stay somewhat gritty – to this day still a somewhat unusual combination. Continue reading

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iPad review: Fabled Lands HD

The developers have delivered a sleek, stream-lined adventure, based on the first of six published Fabled Lands gamebooks, although some lingering issues persist. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 012: Speeding up D&D4e Combat Using Morale, Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Saga Edition) review and Minecraft vs Dwarf Fortress

In this interesting and exciting (and completely ‘yorp’ free) episode of the podcast we debate the virtues of Mincecraft vs Dwarf Fortress, we look at Speeding up D&D4e Combat by using Morale and we review the Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Saga Edition. Continue reading

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iPhone app review: MineCraft Pro

The success of Minecraft has led to lots of iPhone apps trying to play on this success. MineCraft Pro is one of these… and unlike some of the other apps, it costs money. So naturally, I was extremely dubious about it. While it’s a reference app designed to be used whilst you play Minecraft on your computer the question remains: “Is it worth the price tag?”. Continue reading

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