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Dice of Doom Podcast 026: Rating the First Six Games and Creating Meaningful Character Motivations

This episode we discuss our ratings of the first six games of the Grand Gaming Experiment and we look at creating meaningful character motivations and backgrounds. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 012: Speeding up D&D4e Combat Using Morale, Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Saga Edition) review and Minecraft vs Dwarf Fortress

In this interesting and exciting (and completely ‘yorp’ free) episode of the podcast we debate the virtues of Mincecraft vs Dwarf Fortress, we look at Speeding up D&D4e Combat by using Morale and we review the Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Saga Edition. Continue reading

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Star Wars RPG Saga Edition: Review, Resources, and More

If you’re a regular at Dice of Doom you’ll know about our “Gaming Experiment”: playing 12 different roleplaying games in as many months. Whilst we’re currently working through Rolemaster (…we’ll report on that if, afterwards, we’re still alive to tell the tale), the game before that was Star Wars Saga Edition, which I GM’d. Whilst the game isn’t exactly new, we hadn’t played it before, and were very excited. RPGs are awesome, Star Wars is awesome… what could go wrong? Continue reading

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Our grand gaming experiment – 12 Months, 12 Games, 6 Games Masters

The Dice of Doom roleplaying group is conducting an experiment where they will cover 12 games in 12 months using a total of 6 Games Masters. Suggestions are very welcome for games to try. Continue reading

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Using Lego in Roleplaying Games

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been using Lego more and more in my D&D and Star Wars Saga Edition games, with startling and excellent results. Continue reading

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The Physics of Space Combat

If you have ever watched a Space Combat and thought to yourself – ‘that’s complete rubbish, it’d never be like that’ – the chances are that you were probably right. One thing Hollywood has never really let get much in … Continue reading

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Get your friends together – Star Wars Uncut needs your help

The Star Wars Uncut project is perhaps one of the most awesome projects started online. Basically anyone can claim a 14 second portion of the film to remake in their own fashion. So far there have been acted scenes, animated … Continue reading

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