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Confessions of a Roleplaying Book Collector

Once again I was looking, lovingly, over my collection of roleplaying books. As I went through them, I discovered that there was a book I hadn’t bought yet from the Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition set. I immediately became anxious that my collection wasn’t complete. It had become important that I had a set, a complete set and I had found that it was less than it should be. Continue reading

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Symatt draws Toki and Oinkers for me…

Symatt brings one of my favourite characters that I used to play in a D&D 3.5 campaign years ago to life. Continue reading

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Symatt draws Cthulhu for us as part of his CounterSketch project

Being quite the fans of the writings of HP Lovecraft around here, when regular reader and all round nice guy Symatt asked us to suggest a topic for one of his amazing CounterSketches there really was only one thing we could say. Cthulhu. It would just have to be Cthulhu… Continue reading

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