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The Game Ahead: Catacombs

Quite recently I overheard two of the players in my group discussing how my dungeons seem to go on for ever without any connection or theme to them. Continue reading

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Creating Subtle Roleplaying Campaign Settings By Castle Building

Where can we to go for ideas for subtle but memorable details in our games? May I suggest GM’s look through the vast unplumbed depths of history? And I’m not just suggesting reading about warfare and political intrigue, fun though that might be. Continue reading

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In an earlier post about my father’s 1st Edition house rules, I discussed modified XP tables and spell lists which were more… mathematically correct. Today you can download these genuine 1980s house rules for 1st Edition AD&D! Continue reading

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Guide to Running a Zombie Apocalypse Horror Roleplaying Game

Our guide to running a zombie apocalypse horror roleplaying game. Continue reading

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The Foresight of My Father’s AD&D 1st Edition House Rules

A summary of my father’s house rules for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition – many of which would become official rules in later editions. Continue reading

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For those of you interested in reading through the rambling thoughts of one of the world’s greatest horror writers, we direct your attention to HP Lovecraft’s Commonplace book. Wired have published excerpts from around 15 years worth of ideas, thoughts, and potential story lines from the venerable writer. They make for an enlightening read, not in the least as potential plot hooks for your own Call of Cthulhu campaign. Continue reading

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For many of us who have an active interest in fantasy RPG’s, visualising our characters and their experiences is an integral part of the fun. But for many/most of us, we have little experience of the actual physical form of … Continue reading

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Review: Dragon Chow Dice Bags (Updated)

In a recent podcast we talked about Dragon Chow Dice Bags and how awesome we thought they were. To do them justice, we thought we’d take the time to do a full review of the two that we received. Continue reading

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Star Wars RPG Saga Edition: Review, Resources, and More

If you’re a regular at Dice of Doom you’ll know about our “Gaming Experiment”: playing 12 different roleplaying games in as many months. Whilst we’re currently working through Rolemaster (…we’ll report on that if, afterwards, we’re still alive to tell the tale), the game before that was Star Wars Saga Edition, which I GM’d. Whilst the game isn’t exactly new, we hadn’t played it before, and were very excited. RPGs are awesome, Star Wars is awesome… what could go wrong? Continue reading

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Podcastle, Squonk and Alternate Fantasy

I have just finished listening to an absolutely awesome story: “Squonk and the Horde of Apprentices”, which came out as Podcastle’s episode 124. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face the whole time. The story details the tribulations of … Continue reading

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