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Dice of Doom Podcast 042: What should be in the Roleplaying Classic Collection?

For this episode we have only asked ourselves one question. And then we talk non-stop for around 45 minutes on it. No really. We just found it that interesting. The question you ask? If you were Professor of Roleplaying Games at some awesome university that had an RPG Dept, what would be the core reading texts? What would make up the Roleplaying Game Canon, so to speak. Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 036: Eclipse Phase, Screwing Characters, Tragedy, Ecology and Dwarven Women’s Grooming Habits

Eclipse Phase review, deliberately screwing with your players for plot, tragedy as a campaign genre, is a realistic campaign ecology important, and the age old question – beards and female dwarfs. Continue reading

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Symatt draws Cthulhu for us as part of his CounterSketch project

Being quite the fans of the writings of HP Lovecraft around here, when regular reader and all round nice guy Symatt asked us to suggest a topic for one of his amazing CounterSketches there really was only one thing we could say. Cthulhu. It would just have to be Cthulhu… Continue reading

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Call of Cthulhu 30th Anniversary Edition – time running out to order

First published in 1981, Call of Cthulhu has become one of the most iconic roleplaying games ever printed. It has set the benchmark for horror gothic roleplaying gaming and has introduced countless players to the world and works of HP Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos. Since the second edition of the rules, its core mechanic has remained largely unchanged as well, putting it in a rare group of games from the 1980’s to still be using its original rule system. Now in its 30th year of publication Chaosium are celebrating by printing a special edition of the 6th edition rulebook. Continue reading

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For those of you interested in reading through the rambling thoughts of one of the world’s greatest horror writers, we direct your attention to HP Lovecraft’s Commonplace book. Wired have published excerpts from around 15 years worth of ideas, thoughts, and potential story lines from the venerable writer. They make for an enlightening read, not in the least as potential plot hooks for your own Call of Cthulhu campaign. Continue reading

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