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Creating Subtle Roleplaying Campaign Settings By Castle Building

Where can we to go for ideas for subtle but memorable details in our games? May I suggest GM’s look through the vast unplumbed depths of history? And I’m not just suggesting reading about warfare and political intrigue, fun though that might be. Continue reading

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A Modern Day 1st Edition AD&D Review

Over the course of this year we have been playing through the classic AD&D campaign Temple of Elemental Evil, in all its original 1st Edition glory. We have just finished the first section of the campaign (T1). I’ll be writing about how the actual module plays out in the coming weeks. In this post, however, I was interested in having a look at how the 1st Edition AD&D rules hold up in 2013, 35 years since the first AD&D book was published. Continue reading

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For many of us who have an active interest in fantasy RPG’s, visualising our characters and their experiences is an integral part of the fun. But for many/most of us, we have little experience of the actual physical form of … Continue reading

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Today marks a sad, sad day. On this exact day, separated by approximately 2,000 years, two of the most interesting and inspirational characters in history died. In 1937, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, the father of modern horror, died of intestinal cancer. … Continue reading

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Dice of Doom Podcast 007: Using Alternative Settings in your Roleplaying Games

During this episode of the Dice of Doom podcast we discuss different historical eras that can be used in your roleplaying campaign to move away from the traditional late medieval period that forms the basis of so many fantasy roleplaying games. Continue reading

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Horror Roleplaying Part 4: Zombies!

This entry is part 4 of 8 in the series Horror Roleplaying

Zombies are one of the all-time great horror sub-genres, and they fit extremely well into almost any setting. There are many different flavours of Zombie, however, and you shouldn’t just automatically choose the most obvious. Continue reading

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Making the Most of Magic

How to make the most of magic in your fantasy role-playing game. Advice for spellcasters, dungeon masters and writers. Continue reading

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Google celebrates 30 years of Pac-Man… and yes, you can still play it…

If you want to continue playing the Google Pac-Man (and who doesn’t), Google has kept it alive at Google Pac-Man (which you can find here…). Continue reading

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A Nerd’s Guide to Visiting Sydney

Or, What We Do On Nerd Day. After spending some time living and working in the US, I came back to Sydney accustomed to the resources available to Nerds even in a town like Atlanta. While I had spent many … Continue reading

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What’s in a setting?

Whether we talk of gaming, movies, or literature, a single important choice is the setting. By this I mean the time period, level of technology, and the like. In particular, the time period is a very strong influence on a … Continue reading

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