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Breaking News! Dead Gentlemen have a New Web-Series!

The people who brought you “The Gamers” and “The Gamers: Dorkness Rising” have already made available the first two episodes of their new web-series, known as “Journey Quest.” Yes, it’s funny. Yes, it’s zany. Yes, it’s Fun! Seriously, what did you expect? Continue reading

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FreakAngels – A Free Online Steampunk Comic

Going through our archives we realised that we had a significant lack of articles about Steampunk awesomeness. In a effort to make up for this travesty we would like to highlight the most excellent webcomic FreakAngels written by Warren Ellis … Continue reading

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Wizards of the Coast settle copyright infringement case

Back in April this year, Wizards of the Coast (WotC) filed three copyright infringement cases against eight individuals for sharing a copy of the Player’s Handbook II on document sharing site Scribd. Yesterday the judge accepted a settlement with the … Continue reading

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Get your friends together – Star Wars Uncut needs your help

The Star Wars Uncut project is perhaps one of the most awesome projects started online. Basically anyone can claim a 14 second portion of the film to remake in their own fashion. So far there have been acted scenes, animated … Continue reading

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Getting Facebook iPhone push notifications without waiting for Facebook App 3.1

I have discovered a quick and easy way to get Facebook Notifications on your iPhone without having to wait for version 3.1 of the Facebook App to deliver the feature natively (which is still might not do either). While this … Continue reading

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Dark Fantasy Radio Theatre

Dark Fantasy was a radio program which aired for a short stint from 1941 to 1942. The audio plays were written by Scott Bishop, an author who had penned a number of short stories of weird fiction for various magazines, … Continue reading

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Half-Life: Full Life Consequences

I was doing my morning reading when I came across this hilarious HL2 fan fiction 😀 (edit) after a little research I found the source! Squirrelking’s Fanfiction John Freeman who was Gordon Freemans brother was one day in an office … Continue reading

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Getting D&D 4th Ed for free…

Well, not really. But sort of. Wizards of the Coast have released the rules compendium online for 4th edition. This simple tool allows you to search through any of the rules by key terms and then display the results. Very … Continue reading

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If you think your internet costs are high…

…then check this out on Slashdot… Apparently at the Olympic Village in China, the press are being hit hard for their interwebs usage. For one month, its going to cost them 1716.05 USD for a 2M/512 connection…

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