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And it’s official: New Games Workshop Citadel Paints

Following up on our report on the cryptic teaser trailer, we demonstrate again that the internet doesn’t like: the new Games Workshop news is indeed a new paint line. It looks like they’ve got a pile of new kinds of … Continue reading

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Games Workshop: 145 Teaser Trailer

Games Workshop has just released a somewhat cryptic trailer, revealing not much but the number 145. So what’s it all about? Well, news around the internet is that it’s probably a new line of paints. Yep, they’re revamping the Citadel … Continue reading

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Guild Wars 2: Steampunk Engineering Awesomeness

If you’re a fan of online roleplaying games, then you’re probably aware of the upcoming Guild Wars 2. It’s been shaping up to be a pretty awesome game that might just revolutionize MMOs as we know them, but more importantly, it’s steampunk, which is freaking awesome.
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WotC announces big changes to the DDI Adventure Tools

Wizards of the Coast sent out emails today announcing the release of a ‘new and improved’ series of Adventure Tools to the Dungeons & Dragons Insider subscription. The changes are following in the footsteps of the Virtual Table and are being implemented in the form of a web based applications. Changes are being rolled out starting March 22 starting with the Monster Builder. The full email is included after the break. Continue reading

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