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Star Wars and the Continual Canon Confusion with Continuity

I love Star Wars. I am a big old Star Wars nerd. I don’t own all the figures and the toys and the books, but I have a reasonable collection of books and a few knick-knacks. I read the books … Continue reading

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James Cameron, Guillermo del Toro and Tom Cruise team up for a film version of Lovecraft’s “At the Mountains of Madness”

For those of us currently living under a rock in a secluded place far away from society it may come as a surprise that James Cameron is currently negotiating with Tom Cruise to play the lead in an adaptation of … Continue reading

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The Physics of Space Combat

If you have ever watched a Space Combat and thought to yourself – ‘that’s complete rubbish, it’d never be like that’ – the chances are that you were probably right. One thing Hollywood has never really let get much in … Continue reading

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Get your friends together – Star Wars Uncut needs your help

The Star Wars Uncut project is perhaps one of the most awesome projects started online. Basically anyone can claim a 14 second portion of the film to remake in their own fashion. So far there have been acted scenes, animated … Continue reading

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