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D&D: Beyond Character Death

You die. A simple statement, but one potentially accompanied by tears, laughter, or rage. A D&D character can die so easily, but the story doesn’t always end there. It shouldn’t always end there. Even without straight resurrection, a death can … Continue reading

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Magic: the Gathering – EDH (Commander) – Heartless Hidetsugu

I love playing casual EDH (commander) with my friends, primarily because of all the janky, stupidly, amazing things you can do with the nearly unlimited pool of cards available.  Being singleton format makes this difficult – no playsets of anything … Continue reading

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D&D: Shaking bad habits out of new players

I’ve been running a game where all the players are D&D noobs. But most of them have played MMOs, other computer RPGs, or even have read D&D novels, and some of this comes with some bad habits that need shaking once they play the real thing. So what are some of the more problematic bad habits that you will encounter? Continue reading

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10 Fates worse than Death in D&D

Death in D&D is pretty cheap. Literally. The cost of diamonds for a Revivify or Raise Dead spell is nothing to high level adventurers. But there are so many fates a character can suffer that are worse than death, and, I dare say, even worse than having to read and understand the grapple rules… Continue reading

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Call of Cthulhu is finally making an appearance on the iPhone! Announced simultaneously by Chaosium and Red Wasp Design, the game (entitled “Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land”) will be a 3d turn based strategy/RPG app for iPhones, iPod Touches … Continue reading

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Lovecraft’s Inspiration for At the Mountains of Madness: The Paintings of Nicholas Roerich

One of Lovecraft’s most famous works of literature, and certainly his longest, is the magnificent novelette At the Mountains of Madness. This work is one of the best examples of a particular facet of the Cthulhu Mythos: the survival of … Continue reading

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Warhammer Magic Guide: Lore of Light

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The Lore of Light is a fairly defensive lore that focuses on Augments, with a couple of Magic Missiles and one Hex. Its focus on Augments makes it a Lore very focused on your troops, both in enhancing them and protecting them. The Lore of Light works best in conjunction with a solid understanding of tactical movement in Warhammer. Continue reading

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